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LEGO® KidsFest



Guess where we are headed?  I am surprising my son with a night to LEGO® KidsFest!   LEGO® KidsFest is an award-winning LEGO extravaganza featuring three acres and dozens of hands-on building, creative experiences and one-of-a-kind activities. Children of all ages and builders of all skills and levels are welcome. The show only makes seven North American appearances each year.  June 27-29 the Cobb Galleria Centre will host this unique event.

The event will feature a LEGO Model Museum, LEGO Master Builder Academy, LEGO Chima, Art Gallery, LEGO Friends, LEGO Star Wars™ Race Ramps, Creation Nation, Construction Zone, LEGO DUPLO®, LEGO Retail store and LEGO KidsFest Marketplace, the Big Brick Pile, LEGO Ninjago, LEGO Mindstorms, Disney Princess and more.


Ticket Prices:

$22 for adults

$20 for children

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