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Dove Advanced Care Deodorant Review


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Deodorant!  We all need it and I am no exception to that rule!   My go to is generally Secret or Suave so when I was selected to review this product from Influenster and Dove #RaiseYourArms, I was thrilled!  Over the past few years I have come to the conclusion that deodorant must be reapplied over and over in order to get the real coverage.  At least that is what I needed to do.  I would put some on in the morning and come afternoon, I would realize that I needed to apply more.  I also noticed that my armpits were a dry and itchy.  Not exactly an area that I wanted to spend time worrying over!  So  I would just keep reapplying and figure this is just how it was meant to be.

After using Dove Advanced Care Deodorant with Nutrium Moisture for over a week now, I can’t say enough GREAT things about it!  I have been using this product  daily and I’ve noticed my armpits are not suffering like they once did with the other products I had been using.  It goes on smooth and leaves no residue behind.  The product smells great and works like nothing else ever has!  My “pits” are softer than they ever were with my other choice of deodorants.   I even tested it (by accident) for the 48 hour coverage and it WORKED!!   I suffered from needing reapplication and itchy armpits with my previous go to and with this product, I am no longer a sufferer of my armpit dilemmas.

I am very thankful for the opportunity to review this product and have to say…I am a believer of Dove Advanced Care Deodorant with Nutrium Moisture.  I am certainly not afraid to #raisemyarms and you will not be afraid to #raiseyourarms with this product!   Thanks Dove and Influenster!


I received my Dove Vox Box to review from Influenster.  I was not paid to complete this review; only provided with a full sized sample.  Opinions expressed are solely mine.




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  1. Rosie says

    I’ve been eyeing this in the store, but so far I’ve been using a different brand. I want to try this! I love Dove!

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