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Mom’s Night Out Movie Review



Moms’ Night Out

As moms, how often do we take time out of our lives to sit back and just breathe? Not often!  Typically when someone tells us to breathe, we are either in labor or about to blow our top from all the stress of just trying to be the best mother, wife, daughter, friend, employee, etc…  that we can be!  I know I can relate to this and so can many of you!  Motherhood is challenging, but is also the most rewarding experience that we can ever imagine!


I had the wonderful opportunity to preview Moms Night Out at Atlantic Station’s Regal movie theater in Atlanta with one of my fellow mommy friends, Brandi!  While I can’t give away the plot, this movie is just what moms need!  It provides viewers with a humorous look into the world of being a mommy and that ever nagging feeling inside of us that tells us we aren’t good enough or that we aren’t doing it right!  Trust me ladies, this film will help you to get your “mommy groove” back!  I truly believe you will leave this film realizing that what you have to offer your children and families is making a difference and so worth it!


Opening May 9,  Mother’s Day weekend,  you will definitely want to get out there and catch this film! Personally, I recommend that you plan a moms’ night out by picking up a Groupon and heading out with your girlfriends! Be sure to leave your cell phones at home though!  Don’t have girlfriends near you to have a girls night out, no problem!  The great thing about this film is that it is truly a family film!  You can go with your husband, kids, parents, whoever…  This film can also be used as an outreach tool for churches and various other mom groups.   It has a message that is clear and one that we need to be reminded of! This movie touched me deep down to the core of my heart!  It had me laughing and crying!  Most importantly, it reminded me of who I am in God’s eyes and that He has put me right where I AM supposed to BE! Everyone can relate to it!  I know I will be back with my girlfriends opening weekend.


Starring Sarah Drew, Sean Astin, Patricia Heaton, David Hunt, Andrea Logan White, Robert Amaya, Abbie Cobb, Harry Shum Jr., Kevin Downes, Alex Kendrick, and Trace Adkins, this faith-based film is something you will not want to miss!



This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. I was invited by Moms Select and FlyBy Blogger Network to attend this movie preview.  The opinions presented are totally my own and were not influenced by the makers of the movie or those that invited me to attend the screening.


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