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Atlanta History Center Capitol Tours for Catching Fire


I am a big fan of the Hunger games and am really looking forward to seeing this movie on the big screen!  As a matter of fact, I will see this film Monday, November 18 at Regal Cinemas Atlantic Station for an early screening with my boys!  We are soooooo excited!!!

The Swan House, located in Atlanta, was the home to several scenes featured in the movie Catching Fire.  The beautiful house and lovely grounds served as President Snow’s home in the movie.  The Atlanta History Center is offering tours for a limited time and  I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek after winning tickets through a Facebook sponsored contest.

Here are some of the pictures I took from this truly wonderful night!


After checking in, we began our tour on the side of the house at the sun room.  Upon entering the room we were greeted by a lavish spread of scrumptious goodies!

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From there we went on to tour the home.  This was a special night as photographs are not allowed inside the elegant Swan House.  For the purpose of this tour though, guests are able to take pictures in two rooms designated as photo op rooms:  President Snow’s dining room and office.  To add to the excitement of the evening, there were guests dressed as participants in the Capitol party that made the event even more fun!

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The tour features several rooms of this beautiful home and in each room there is a photograph of how the room looked in the film.  For example, the room that was actually used as President Snow’s office was painted white for the movie.  I found this very interesting esp. since the room had to be painted back to the original green color that was in the room to begin with.  We also learned that the carpet in this room is antique and that the actors were not able to actually walk on the carpet.  They had special mats laid down that they walked over to get to the desk area.


The tour also has an exhibit featuring exclusive memorabilia from the set as well as a tour of the gardens as they were used in this film as well.

Please consult their website for additional information about the Capitol Tours!

Swan House Capitol Tours 

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