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Cheesy Croissant Chicken Packets


Cheesy Croissant Chicken Packets


One of my teacher friends made this for her family a few months ago and she stressed how much they LOVED it!  So, being that I have boys, I figured I might as well make this for them to see how they like it.  After all, we LOVE chicken, bread, and cheese! 

I am happy to say that this Pinterest recipe turned out beautifully!  It was absolutely wonderful and is one I have cooked over and over again!  Trust me, if I can do–you can also!  The kitchen and I aren’t the best of friends but this was really easy!


Cooked Chicken – (I baked 2 chicken breast and cut them up into about 1 inch cubes)

1 cup of cheddar cheese

1 can of crescent rolls (note to self- find a way to “make” crescent roll type dough)

1 can condensed cream of chicken soup.

1 cup of milk


First make the soup. Really, actually make the Cream of Chicken soup according to the directions on the package (use the one cup of milk). 

Next roll out each crescent roll and put a bit of chicken and cheese in each.  Now, here comes the tricky part…. you need to roll these into little “packets”.  I lost a filling in the process, but that is okay.  Try to roll this “burrito” styles. 


Then, pinch together the edges.  Next place all your little “packets” in a 9x 13 pan, as seen below.




 Next, just poor the soup over the chicken. 

 If you have any leftover chicken or cheese that did not make it into the “packets” just go ahead and toss it in too. 


Now, bake at 350 for 30 minutes until all puffy and yummy.

Credit given to Thrifty with Triplets for recipe and photos.

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