Give the Gift of Popcornopolis this Holiday Season

Okay, I admit it!  I am a snacker!  I am always trying to find something to satisfy my craving.  What is my go-to snack?  Popcorn! You can find my pantry stocked with bags of delightful kernels.  Sometimes you can even find me near the microwave waiting for those magic kernels of goodness to pop! Popcorn is not just my go-to snack, but also it…

About Me

About Me

Welcome to Living One Full Life!  As a wife, mother, and educator, I believe that we must live each and everyday to the fullest.  As a lifestyle and travel expert living in the Atlanta area, my mission is to help friends and family create lifelong memories.  From recipes to trvael destinations, Living One Full Life is here to help.


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